Deburring Services

If you are looking for the optimal way to deburr and finish off your metalwork project, look no further than Reiter’s Welding! We have a Metalworking Widebelt EZ Sander in house to get your projects cleaned up without dealing with time-consuming hand-grinding that most projects require. This machine is equipped to deal with a number of abrasive edges, including slag and dross, vertical burrs and straight finishing.


  • Control panel with motor load meter, hour meter, and digital readout
  • 36″ wide part capacity
  • 5″ bed opening with motorized lift
  • 37″ x 60″ abrasive belts
  • Variable speed conveyor at 5-25 fpm
  • 6″ diameter cam adjustable contact drum with dial indicator
  • Digital thickness readout for conveyor height
  • Air operated disc brake
  • Electronic abrasive belt tracking
  • Pneumatic abrasive tensioning
  • Optional portable 5 HP wet dust collector
  • Heavy-duty welded frame
  • Casters for portability

Industries We Serve

Reiter’s provides metalwork deburring services for a variety of industries, including but not limited to:

● Agricultural
● Alternative Energy
● Automotive
● Communications/Telecom
● Construction
● Furniture
● Industrial Fabrication / Manufacturing
● Military and Defense
● Recreational Vehicles

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