Reiter’s Welding – The Exclusive Powerlift Hydraulic Door Distributor in Arizona.
New installations or retrofits with local manufacturing, installation and support.





Custom Fabrication

Each door or opening wall project is unique. You can have confidence in the integrity of our design for you since our project managers review each installation. Whatever the size of your project, PowerLift door and opening wall systems impose lower structural loads than most other options. PowerLift solutions stand alone in their simplicity, function and ease of maintenance. Every PowerLift Hydraulic Door is built to provide a lifetime of smooth and reliable performance. You can eliminate the frustrations of doors that don’t seal tightly, are hard to open and require a lot of headroom. PowerLift offers the only one-piece door in the industry! Our unique, all-welded construction has no bolts to fatigue or work loose. A PowerLift door provides the tightest seal available in any door: when it closes the elements are left outside.


Quality and service backed by a reliable promise

Thousands of Powerlift customers believe that when strength, reliability, ease of use and a tight seal matter most, hydraulic door systems are the only option. When quality, reliability and service count, we have earned the distinction of being the most dependable choice in the industry. PowerLift Hydraulic Doors offers the only lifetime-of-the-building warranty in the industry. Their patented innovations, from hydraulics and hinge systems to engineering and manufacturing, lead the industry in strength and quality. Experience and commitment to service are easily stated. PowerLift  guarantees these promises with the best warranty in the business.