Product Manufacturing and Assembly

As a contract manufacturer, Reiter’s Custom Welding specializes in waterjet and CNC machinery. Through our CAM software package, our team of trained professionals use 3D data to program complex 3-and 5-axis simultaneous machine movements. We can import any 3D data and generate toolpaths from your solid – and if you don’t have 3D data, no worries – we will still be able to operate with 2D data or print designs.

We are prepared to handle Vertical Multi-Axis Milling and Multi-Axis Turning. We can also manufacture support equipment for current and secondary operations.

Reiter’s will also help secure your secondary operations, coatings, plating, heat treatment, and anodizing with our network of contractors. Reiter’s is ready to help you save by handling these operations for you and providing the necessary certifications.

Industries We Serve

Reiter’s provides Product Manufacturing and Assembly services for a variety of industries, including but not limited to:

● Agricultural
● Alternative Energy
● Automotive
● Communications/Telecom
● Construction
● Furniture
● Industrial Fabrication / Manufacturing
● Military and Defense
● Recreational Vehicles

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